Tajweed/Hifdh/Arabic Language teachers for Tanzeel
(Tower Hamlets & Redbridge)

Who are we looking for

Tanzeel is one of the leading evening and weekend schools with 4 branches in London. We are now recruiting female part time teachers to join our team of teachers in our well established school due to expansion.

We are seeking innovative and experienced teachers for all branches.

You will be a hardworking and enthusiastic teacher with excellent subject knowledge and an ability to teach the following subjects:

  1. Tajweed
  2. Khatmul Qur’an
  3. Hifdh ul Qur’an
  4. Arabic Language
  5. Islamic studies
  6. Dua & Salah

Class Structure
  • 12 students in a class
  • Gender segregation after the age of 11
  • 6 hours tuition per session in the weekend
  • 8/10 hours tuition in the weekdays

Job responsibilities
  1. Be punctuality & maintain excellent attendance (Teachers must be in their classroom 10 minutes before formal lessons)
  2. Classroom control & safety management (Students must not be left unsupervised under any circumstance)
  3. Maintain classroom timetable giving due attention to all subjects.  Head teacher will provide subject timetable.
  4. Student progression must in accordance to management targets
  5. Record keeping of student achievements (daily diary, wall charts & end of term reports)
  6. Exam preparation and report every term (sixteen weeks)
  7. Meeting with guardians every 6 months
  8. Teach from the adopted syllabus
  9. Attend 2/3 training sessions outside work hours every year. (Lunch & travel expenses provided)
  10. Submit lesson plans when requested
  11. Any other tasks as requested
Support for teachers

    1. Designated buildings
    2. Fully equipped classroom
    3. A dedicated head teacher
    4. A team of administrators
    5. Training Sessions
    6. IT support (Computers, scanners, printers, photocopiers, Wi-Fi etc.)
    7. Audio/video and other supporting teaching materials
    8. A library of books
    9. Flexible teaching hours with multiple sessions for those who wish to increase their hours


    Teaching Sessions

    Saturday & Sunday
    Session 1: 09.30 am – 12.30 pm
    Session 2: 01. 00 pm – 04.00 pm
    Session 3: 04.30 pm – 07.30 pm

    Mon – Friday
    Session 4: 5.15 pm – 7.15 pm (Whitechapel)

    Mon - Thursday
    Session 4: 5.00 pm – 7: 00 pm (Redbridge)

    Job requirements
    1. Ability to communicate in English
    2. A DBS check will be conducted by Tanzeel
    3. Two references from your previous employers are required.
    4. Experience in teaching the related subjects mentioned.
    5. Certification of authority to teach. (DESIRABLE)
    6. Basic IT skills desirable though support from our admin team is available

    Preference will be given to candidates with qualifications and experience in teaching Arabic language or Tajweed as a foreign language to an English audience.
    Interested candidates should submit the online application.

Online Application

Personal Information

Previous employment history

Please tell us about your last 3 palaces of work

Academic Achievements

Please tell us about your studies. We would like to know if you have memorised the whole/part of the Quran and other subjects.
If you have done your studies abroad then try and give equivalent courses e.g.

Baccalauréat de l’Enseignement Secondaire: comparable to UK GCSE grade C or above (including Mathematics) provided grade 10 or above is achieved on a subject for subject basis in final year of schooling (with the exception of English Language)


Sudan School Certificate (formally called the Secondary School Certificate or Higher Secondary School Certificate): comparable to UK GCSE grade C or above (including Mathematics) provided 50% or above is achieved on a subject for subject basis in final year of schooling (with the exception of English Language)

Details of two referees

Please provide us with the details of two previous employers whom we may contact with regards to you.